• Scott Neyedli

Foam Roller Recovery

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Most of us don’t have the luxury of having a personal massage / therapist, but an inexpensive foam roller will do the trick. Rolling back and forth on a roller will break down adhesions and increase circulation to the muscle. Additionally, rolling will warm and stretch your muscles which will alleviate soreness. Anytime you come across a tender area, pause until the pressure subsides. The next time your watching TV perform the following exercises:

Hamstrings: Roll one leg at a time from just above the knee just below the glute. Place your hands behind you for balance. Then switch sides.

Quads: Lie face down with both legs on the roller. Lean on on side and roll from hip to knee. Switch sides by leaning the other way.

Glutes: Sit on top of the roller and cross your left leg over the right knee. Now lean toward the left hip. Roll back and forth on the left cheek. Use your hands behind you for balance. Then switch sides.

IT Band: Lie on your side with the roller under your hip. Bend your other leg and place that on the floor for support. Use your hands and other leg to alleviate or increase pressure as you roll from hip to knee. Pause at trigger points. Then switch sides.

Calves: Place both legs on the roller and your hands behind you. Roll from ankle to just below the knee. For less pressure sit on the floor, to increase pressure lift your butt off the ground.

Back: Place the roller in the small of your back and sit as if you were to do a sit-up. Roll up and down your back. This is also a tough core workout.

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