Inspiring Athletes of all Abilities

Focused for athletes seeking quality custom prescribed coaching that want to optimize potential & efficiency in multisport athletics.
We coach all abilities ranging from Elite, Competitive Racer to Novice beginners looking to finish their first multisport event experience or those simply looking to improve their health and fitness.


HoldFAST  Multisport was founded in 2018 by GB Elite 2X Ironman Champion Scott Neyedli, emphasising, personalised 1-2-1 hands on training with one operating psychology "HoldFAST" One of Scott's race empowerment phrases drawn from his McLeod Family Motto meaning

"Never back down, Never give up, Never give in"

Since 2018


Scott Neyedli

BTF Qualified Triathlon Coach
ASA Qualified Swim Teacher & Coach
GB Elite Professional
2X Ironman Champion
Multi National & GB Triathlon Champion